Do you have a child who would love to learn how to sew?

If so, we have the perfect beginner online sewing project!

What will they make?

A gorgeous apron to wear while cooking in your kitchen!

What your child will learn

  • How to make their own apron pattern

  • How to sew and use their mathematical and measuring skills

What they will get?

  • Learn to sew step by step
  • With written instructions
  • 1hr of expert sewing video tutorials with Maree
  • 4 easy to follow online sewing lesson modules

BONUS - Kids Sewing Booklet

Your child will also receive access to a special sewing booklet so they can follow the instructions and practice sewing at home. This booklet includes easy step by step instructions on a number of basic sewing projects and sewing techniques.

What do they need?

  • Access to a sewing machine
  • Adult supervision while using the sewing machine

Who is it for?

Creative kids!

Our online sewing course 'How to Sew an Apron' is ideal for kids between 8 years and 15 years old who are beginners and would like to learn to sew from home.

Or kids who already have some sewing skills and a desire for sewing, design and crafts.

It's also perfect for adult beginners too!

Sew apron's for the whole family!

Your child can continue with their new sewing skills to make gorgeous apron's for the whole family. They can refer back to the video tutorials any time they like.

Ready to start sewing?

You can buy our Kids Online Sewing Course which is currently on sale for a limited time! 


Normally $50

On Sale Now - AU$35

For a limited time only!




We look forward to having you on our online sewing course!

Until then,

Happy Sewing,

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